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Find Your Sense of Adventure - Zip Lining in Florida

If you love adventure sports and beautiful views why not combine the two and head to Canyons Zipline and Adventure Park? Take in 100 acres of crystaline lakes, impressive cliffs and massive canyons while soaring above beautiful forests. Experience the longest and fastest zip line in Florida. Choose from nine different zip lining tours including two rope bridges and a rappel. You won't believe your eyes as you glide over the blue waters below; or opt for some night zip lining with glo sticks to illuminate your way. Those souls who want to plant their feet a little closer to the ground can set out on horseback or hop into a kayak to experience these awe-inspiring views of the park. Set your adventurous spirit free in Ocala, FL.


Prices -

  Varies per tour.

Hours -

  9AM - 6PM, daily.


  • Zombie Zipping 


  • Zip lining
  • Food Tours
  • Horseback Riding
  • Rappelling
  • Kayak
  • Gem Mining


  • What should I wear to go on the zip line?

    Due to the nature of these tours it's important to wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. Short shorts and dangling jewelry should not be worn. Long hair should be tied back in a ponytail close to the neck or braided (for very long hair). Closed-toe shoes are required for both zip lining and horseback riding.
  • What tours are offered at Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours?

    Choose from nine different zip lining tours, as well as tours for kayaking, horseback riding, chocolate tasting and even gem mining. The most popular tour is Big Cliff Canyon, which takes you through 9 zip lines, 2 rope bridges and a rappel over the course of 2.5-3 hrs. You can also choose a nighttime zip line tour.

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