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Chef’s Services

Chef's Table - A Once-in-a-Lifetime Dining Experience

At the Hilton Ocala we believe that everyone should know where their food comes from. This is why we strive to always provide our guests with fully sustainable, organic and local ingredients, which is why our menu selections are always changing. All you have to do is walk outside our hotel and you'll see our thriving Chef's Garden, which both our gastropub and American bistro take full advantage of when creating mouthwatering dishes. Even our carefully crafted cocktails are done so with ingredients from our garden. Arrange a garden tour or choose to take one of your meeting breaks in our peaceful garden.

Chef's Table

If you are looking to wow your colleagues with an extraordinary corporate lunch or  just pamper yourself with world-class culinary excellence then it's time to experience the Chef's Table at the Hilton Ocala. Chef Luiggie Alvarez offers a tasting menu that can be customized to accommodate your appetite's deepest desires.  Our professionally trained mixologists can also pair the best wines, beers, and spirits with your menu.  After a personal consultation and meticulous menu selection, you'll discover for yourself that the Chef's Table won't just be a thrill ride for your taste buds, this will also be a dining event you'll wish to experience over and over again. 
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