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Dear Friends

I hope that this message is reaching the highest level of management for the Ocala Hilton. In recent months it has been my great privilege to facilitate two very important events in the life of Trinity Catholic High School. Each event involved housing out of town guests some from as far away as Hawaii. The service I received both in the planning stages as well as at the time of the visits was beyond excellent. We are very proud to be a part of the Ocala community and were so excited to welcome our guests not only to our school but also to a first class hotel. The hospitality friendliness and dedicated attention to the needs of our guests is deeply appreciated. Deborah Fulgoni and Christine Dewey were so kind and helpful. I feel as if I have made two wonderful new friends. Please know that we will always look first to the Ocala Hilton for our hospitality needs. Thank you for all you do to encourage such fine people.


Dr. Teresa J. Degen

Director of Mission Effectiveness

Trinity Catholic High School

Re: Retired Police Offers Council Reunion

Dear Joe,

Wed like to take this opportunity to thank you, your staff and your entire employee staff for the exceptionally fine service that they provided us at our Reunion.  Your Employees made it easy for us to be there for this second year and for the next two years.  The employees exceeded all expectations in the level of service they provided and please share our sincere gratitude to your staff and the employees of the Hilton for once again making our Reunion a fantastic event.

We have found the quality of the food at your hotel to be exceptional and the chef and the dining room staff are to be commended for their outstanding work.

We are looking forward to being back with you and your staff and the employees for the next two years.


Lloyd  Hough, President
Retired Police Officers Council

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